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Dostana (2008)

Sameer ‘Sam’ Kapoor (Abhishek Bachchan) and Kunal Chopra (John Abraham) are fun-loving, womanizer bachelors settled in Fort Lauderdale. Sam is a nurse by profession and is often joked around by others about the cliché ‘skirt wearing’ joke. Kunal is a photographer and is in look out for apartment after his partner asks him to move out within 2 weeks. They both briefly meet each other at a friend’s place after a night out with girls. Later, they run into each other while looking for an apartment to rent and they both love it. The apartment belongs to Neha Melwani (Priyanka Chopra) who works for Verve magazine. She lives there with her Maasi (meaning Aunty in Hindi) (Sushmita Mukherjee). However, her Maasi refuses to sublet the apartment to either of them as Neha wanted only girls as her flat-mates.

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